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GM has formally withdrawn the GMOD from ILSAC GF-6

Read more from the notes on the latest AOAP meeting.

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Engine Lubricants and Emissions Hardware

The dynamics of lubrication design continue to enable advanced engine technologies and play a critical role in emissions control.

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Creating a Path to Unlock Innovation: Lubrizol Proposes to Change the Industry Model

The Lubrizol Corporation presented its view on “Unlocking Industry Innovation: Time to Change the Model?” at the Biannual Detroit Advisory Panel on April 19, 2016. Dan Sheets, senior vice president and president of Lubrizol Additives, spoke about the obstacles around the processes for setting and managing lubricant specifications in North America, including the several forces that are inhibiting the industry’s ability to deliver marketable benefits and value to all.

GF-6B: Lower Viscosity Passenger Car Lubricants for Higher Performance and Fuel Economy

The right lubricant technology is essential for modern passenger cars to reach their full potential, and it’s why the new GF-6 category will be split into two distinct categories: GF-6A and GF-6B.
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ACEA – A Significant Standard

ACEA represents 15 of Europe’s most important passenger car, van, truck and bus manufacturers who own and produce a range of well-known vehicle brands.
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Aftertreatment Compatibility within ACEA’s Framework

Exhaust aftertreatment devices added to enable engines to run cleaner and leaner than ever before place additional demands on the lubricants.
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European Oil Marketers Have Opportunity in Out-of-Warranty Vehicles

The lubricant landscape beyond the OEM warranty phase is a challenge for vehicle owners, and an opportunity for our industry.
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Land Rover Takes DCT Off Road

The luxury sports car and SUV manufacturer has confirmed the existence of a new transmission program and has revealed more detail surrounding the aims.
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Revisions to JASO Standards for Motorcycle Oils

The JASO T903 (for 4-stroke) has recently been updated in 2016 for changes related to the friction test.
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