ACEA Oil Sequences in China

Read how the European-based ACEA sequences are having an effect in China.

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Engine Lubricants and Emissions Hardware

The dynamics of lubrication design continue to enable advanced engine technologies and play a critical role in emissions control.

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Dedicated Scooter Oils Keep Your Ride Cool

While the scooter experience is unlike the experience offered by other automobile transportation, so too are a scooter’s lubrication needs. Even as the scooter population is growing at a rapid pace – scooters are now the primary commuting and delivery service vehicle in Asia and South America – many riders don’t think to give their scooter the lubrication it needs, the “right” oil it deserves. Learn about the benefits of a lubricant specifically designed for scooters.

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ACEA Oil Sequences in China

Vehicles sold by European OEMs in China are designed to comply with European emissions legislation and must be compatible with the European lubricant oil standards.
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Porsche Luxury Sedan Incorporates DCT

The 2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-hybrid boasts an 8-speed ZF 8DT transmission and e-motor unit. The transmission allows for both plug-in hybrid operation and the option of all-wheel drive to supplement the standard rear-wheel drive.
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Improved Efficiency Through New Designs

To comply with increasingly stringent legislation, transmission manufacturers are improving efficiency through innovative design concepts such as double-digit ratio counts and separate lubrication systems for gears and clutch assemblies.
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GF-6B: Lower Viscosity Passenger Car Lubricants for Higher Performance and Fuel Economy

The right lubricant technology is essential for modern passenger cars to reach their full potential, and it’s why the new GF-6 category will be split into two distinct categories: GF-6A and GF-6B.
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ACEA – A Significant Standard

ACEA represents 15 of Europe’s most important passenger car, van, truck and bus manufacturers who own and produce a range of well-known vehicle brands.
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Aftertreatment Compatibility within ACEA’s Framework

Exhaust aftertreatment devices added to enable engines to run cleaner and leaner than ever before place additional demands on the lubricants.
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