ACEA Oil Sequences in China

Read how the European-based ACEA sequences are having an effect in China.

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Engine Lubricants and Emissions Hardware

The dynamics of lubrication design continue to enable advanced engine technologies and play a critical role in emissions control.

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Dedicated Scooter Oils Keep Your Ride Cool

While the scooter experience is unlike the experience offered by other automobile transportation, so too are a scooter’s lubrication needs. Even as the scooter population is growing at a rapid pace – scooters are now the primary commuting and delivery service vehicle in Asia and South America – many riders don’t think to give their scooter the lubrication it needs, the “right” oil it deserves. Learn about the benefits of a lubricant specifically designed for scooters.

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Benefits of T/GDI engines

Learn about the benefits of T/GDI engines and their unique engine oil requirements
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ACEA 2016 Becomes Mandatory for All New Formulations

ACEA 2016 became mandatory on Decemeber 1, 2017 for all new formulations making claims against an ACEA sequence.
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Announcing API SN Plus Supplement

The proposed API SN Plus supplement will be available alongside the current API SN and ILSAC GF-5 categories.
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Hybrid Technologies Raise New Areas of Concern for Drivetrain Fluids

Hybrid Electric Vehicle technologies raise three areas of concern around the role and the nature of the lubricating fluids.
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Advancing Lubrication Development for Next Generation Hardware

Oils and engines should be developed together to ensure that the next-gen lubrication technology meets the needs of the next generation of hardware
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ACEA Oil Sequences in China

Vehicles sold by European OEMs in China are designed to comply with European emissions legislation and must comply with European lubricant oil standards.
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