Why Choosing API SN Plus is Critically Important


The American Petroleum Institute’s (API’s) SN Plus supplement went into effect May 1.

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Understanding the MB 229.71 Specification


The MB 229.71 specification represents one of the first in a new generation of advanced low viscosity SAE 0W-20 lubricants.

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Tomorrow’s Vehicles Depend on Enabling Lubricant Technology

Whether it’s today’s engine technology or tomorrow’s, advanced engine oils have a critical role to play in ensuring the reliability and performance of cars on the road.
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Motorcyclists in Delhi India

Impact of Incoming Emissions Standards on the Motorcycle Engine Oil Market

2020 is going to be a key year for the motorcycle industry.
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The Necessity of High-Tech Lubricants

The availability of advanced engine oils is essential to the ongoing evolution of engine technology.
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Disruptive Trends: Vehicle Ownership

This video in our Digital Disruption video series looks at how vehicle ownership is changing, and the impacts of that.
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How Specification Development Impacts Society

How Specification Development Impacts Society

The certification of lubricant performance has important ramifications—not just for product performance, but for society at large.
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The Real Impact of Engine Oil Performance

The current process for certifying engine oil performance has some major implications not just for engine performance, but for the benefit of society. Learn more.
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